God is my Judge


History has always been one of my favorite topics.  I am definitely a strong proponent of teaching much history.  There are several  components: nonfiction books and biographies, historical fiction, articles, maps, and recently, multimedia.

Nonfiction books and biographies are plentiful at your local library.

A lot of historical fiction is not particularly accurate or focuses on action at the expense of history.  Perhaps the best collection of historical fiction books are those of G. A. Henty, who wrote at the end of the nineteenth century. I think that one of the best ways to learn about history is through maps, so here are a few of the map collections I have used on the internet. For research: the directory listing the primary source collections on the Internet.

Map sites:

Articles can be easily found on nearly any historical topic with a quick internet search. All Empires.com (Many good articles on ancient empires)

Multimedia: perhaps the best software about history is Centennia Atlas.  Other titles are available at Amazon.com's history software section.  Of course, there are also many, many historical videos and documentaries that would be useful as well.